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FOS Lighting New Zealand

FOS is the Greek word for "Light". FOS Lighting has its origins back to the 70’s when it was first established as a fluorescent lighting manufacturer. In the 80’s it acquired Sun Lighting and in the early 90’s Moonlighting was established. In 1999, all these businesses were merged together to create Australia’s leading national manufacturer and distributor of commercial and industrial lighting products. 

 FOS acquired the Brisbane based Frend & Megabay Lighting businesses in June 2019 and JSB Lighting in November 2020. In June 2021 FOS listed on the ASX and acquired Ecopoint Lighting New Zealand in October 2021.

FOS now has integrated manufacturing and distribution facilities in Melbourne & Brisbane and an Australian and New Zealand sales operation.

​The new FOS Lighting team has a deep history and vast experience spanning over 30 years.

​FOS is a solutions driven innovative lighting and controls business using in house design experience and engineering coupled with manufacturing facilities both in Australia and offshore.


FOS Lighting is a solutions driven innovative lighting and controls business using in-house experience and engineering coupled with manufacturing facilities in Australia. Working closely with key account customers, its project lighting solutions business is based on innovative lighting concepts using leading edge technology to generate new levels of impact in both design and function.


FOS Lighting is highly regarded in the market for its knowledge of the lighting industry, this is made possible with its committed and amazingly highly talented and motivated team members that continuously strive to provide the highest quality of product and service in the Australian and New Zealand market.

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FOS Lighting has an experienced engineering and design team who understands the architectural landscape of the lighting sectors and its clients, while a dedicated manufacturing team brings cutting edge solutions to market. With quality and experience, FOS Lighting manufactures and distributes a complete selection of quality luminaires and lighting control systems of the following sectors:

  • Office & Communication

  • Retail & Presentation

  • Science & Education

  • Care & Health

  • Art & Culture

  • Leisure & Entertainment

  • Industry & Engineering

  • Sports & Recreation

  • Transport & Environment

  • Experience & Advertising

  • Adverse & Custodial

  • Urban & Architecture

  • Living & Lifestyle

  • Wellness & Hospitality


FOS Lighting is a proud manufacturer and exclusive distributor of cutting-edge lighting luminaires within Australia and New Zealand. With our integrated distribution and manufacturing facilities in Melbourne and Brisbane, we can provide a lighting solution from concept to delivery. FOS Lighting is known for its outstanding workmanship, quality and getting the job done - and its International ISO 9001:2015 accreditation is testament to this.

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FOS Lighting is dedicated at achieving the desired lighting solution for all lighting requirements. The combination of our experienced research and development teams leveraging the power of the latest technology in 3D modeling programs and reliable delivery of materials from our trusted and dependable suppliers allow us to meet client expectations and deliver on time.

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Our Team

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